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We find the most interesting Fender Amps For Sale. Here are the best deals we found for the KENDRICK GIG RIG TWEED Fender Deluxe Reverb for sale on the Internet.

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Kendrick Gig Rig This is one of the first Kendrick Gig Rig's ever made. You will notice that the front panel has two volume knobs, that is a misprint from the factory. I have labeled the knobs correctly. This cabinet is made from solid 160 year old pine with every corner finger-jointed for strength. The chassis is 16 gauge , annealed, cold rolled steel with welded corners and double thickness around the power transformer. It is triple plated with copper, nickle and chrome in that order. The unique tone of this amp is distinguished by its unusual dynamic response, its smooth distortion when driven hard and its clean tone when driven lightly. Also characteristic to the Kendrick amplifier is its smooth growling tone most sought after by blues, rhythm & blues, soul and rock players. Recently serviced by outstanding amp tech Casey Gooby. GigRig 112 Combo Review By: Mike Roche on 7/4/06 1:00 AM Reviewer Background: Purchased From: Price: $2,295.00 USD Features: I've had my Gig Rig for several years now and have had the opportunity to play out with it a zillion times. This amp is amazing. I purchased it just as Gerald was getting ready to make the Kendrick K-Spot. My Gig Rick is a single channel amp with volume, bass and treble. It has 3 knob reverb to die for and is equipt with two JJ 6L6 and four 12AX7 preamp tubes. The rectifier tube is a 5U4 because I love my amp to sag and it makes the notes more toneful. My Gig Rig includes a magic switch located near the power tubes which pulled forward puts the amp in cathode bias mode and when the switch is pushed towards the back the amp goes into fixed bais mode. Gerald insisted on this addition in case I ever have to go up against a loud drummer. This way I'd have 35 full watts if I needed them. Most of the time I can leave it in the cathode bais mode which softens up the tone and drops the wattage. The original Gig Rigs were heavy on the treble and Gerald readjusted my amp to be more like a true Fender Tweed Deluxe. Also, I opted to go with the Kendrick ceramic 80 watt speaker instead of the overrated Britsh sounding Fane speaker most player went with. The ceramic Kendrick speaker has a better balance and works great in this combo amp. It produces even bass and treble tones without ever sounding harsh. It's warm but growls when you push it. Very touch sensitive to pick attack. Besides great tone, the reverb is post EQ and is the best 3 knob reverb I've ever heard. The only problem is getting to the back of the amp to change it. I also wish the amp had tremolo. This is my number one amp. I use it all the time and when I'm up against a full horn section in a swing jazz band the Kendrick Gig Rig powers through on both rhythm and lead guitar duties. Sound Quality: I'm a Strat player who recently switched over to Gretsch guitars. I use a Gretsch 6120 (Setzer version w/custom T.V Jones pickups) that really delievers a wide variety of tones. I play Jazz, Rock, Blues, Country, R&B and Pop music styles. The Kendrick Gig Rig is quiet, depedable and always delivers. If I need better projection I just place the amp on top of a chair and wail away. It only weighs 35 pounds. My Gig Rig is not set up for the normal distortion most players might crave. The amp is very capable of getting distortion but I haven't been using it that way. I would invite most players using an amp of this type to use a distortion pedal for more control and flexibility. The amps real strength is it ability to deliever great tone. Reliability/Durability: I use this amp all the time for gigs and have never had a problem. I do not take a back up amp. I probably should change out the tubes but they still sound so good. The amp looks brand new. The folks at Kendrick know how to put a finish on a tweed amp. The nico-tweed covering looks better than most amp manufacturers who try to produce vintage tweed amps. Oh yeah I almost forgot. The Gig Rig cones with a 25 foot long AC power cord so you'll never have to place your amp close to an outlet because your power cord isin't long enough. Thank Gerald! Ease of Use: Customer Support: Purchasing the Kendrick Gig Rig was a labor oflove for me. I've had lots of amps and I wanted an amp that would deliever the sound I was looking for. Gerald Weber spent a lot of time listening to me and asking me questions. First of all he's one of the few amp guru's around today who still answer their own phone. I've called him at midnight and talked to him while he was working on writing an amp article. Guys like Gerald Weber know what customer service is all about. If I had any problems with this amp I wouldn't hesitate to ship it back to Texas to have him repair the amp. He's the best. he knows tone. Overall Rating: I've been playing guitar almost 40 years. I've played in all kinds of situations using all kinds of amps. If this amp were lost or stolen I'd be on the phone to Gerald Weber asking him to make me a replacement. My Gig Rig is similar to the new Kendrick K-Spots which is just like the Gig Rig but with a fancy "K" in front of the amp. In closing I wish the amp had some tremolo to go with that great reverb but it sure blows away all the other Boutique Tweed Deluxe amps out there. Thanks Gerald for making great tone available to all us players. :) If you get a chance to play out of a Gig Rig or a Kendrick K-Spot, do yourself a favor and have some fun. It's never to late to make a date with some great tone. Enjoy. 0 Comments Tags: brand#kendrick tax#aqa GigRig 112 Combo Review By: Anonymous Reviewer on 2/6/04 1:00 AM Reviewer Background: Purchased From: Price: $2,295.00 USD Features: This is a new Gig Rig, ordered not long before Gerald Weber stopped taking orders. The features are simple: Bass, Tone, Volume, plus a three knob reverb unit tucked away inside the amp (with footswitch). It depends on your perspective. If you're looking for a "modern" amp with a milliion knobs, this will seem wanting. If you're looking for an early Fender-type amp, this is just right. The latter is my perspective. Sound Quality: I play this mainly with single-coils. For blues and blues-oriented rock (although it can also do decent jazz duty with a Guild Manhattan at lower volumes). This is a warm, lively and richly dimensional amp. I think the tube rectifier (I replaced the stock JJ Tesla with a NOS Philips GZ34S) accounts for the "singing" quality of the tone. I can play this amp for hours and just marvel at the sound. You can get a decent variety of tones (it's highly responsive to guitar settings and touch-sensitivity), though all are within the parameters of a Fender Tweed kind of vibe. For that kind of amp, it's really, really fine. Reliability/Durability: Ease of Use: Customer Support: Have had it only about a month, but it seems built like a tank. I've talked with Gerald Weber a few times since getting it about particular details; am highly confident he would back it up if ever needed. Overall Rating: I've been playing close to 40 years. Have had many tube amps. Currently have a THD Univalve and an Acoustic Image solid-state amp. I'd better not lose this amp because Gerald 's not making them any more...would have to find on the used market. It's light, it's loud, it sounds fabulous. I love this amp. 0 Comments Tags: brand#kendrick tax#aqa GigRig 112 Combo Review By: Steve-cY_uo on 12/7/03 1:00 AM Reviewer Background: Purchased From: Price: $2,500.00 USD Features: I give this amp an 8 for features because it does not have a control for mids. That is about the only feature that I feel is missing. If you need more than what this amp has this isn't the amp for you. Sound Quality: The best sounding amp I have ever owned. I currently own a tweed Deluxe, Pro, and non-master Marshall. I play a sixties strat and just use a fulldrive in front of it. People are amazed at the big sound I get from my little amp. It really sounds like a tweed bassman in a box the size of a deluxe. Reliability/Durability: What could possibly go wrong? It's all quality pt. to pt. Change tubes once in a while and play it. Ease of Use: Customer Support: Everyone at kendrick is very helpful. Any questions usually Gerald Answers them personally. Overall Rating: I've been playing for 25 years and gig at least twice a week. I wish I had the money to buy another for a back up. This is by far the best amp I have ever played. GigRig 112 Combo Review By: shy on 3/7/07 1:00 AM Reviewer Background: Purchased From: Price: Features: Great features! 3 Knob reverb! 12" Fane speaker! 4 inputs that are have different tonal characteristics.. What more do you need? Sound Quality: I play nothing but strats. Strat > Fulltone Clyde > Takky Drive > gig rig.. Yes I like simple set ups. I like to actually hear the tone of my strats, this amp brings out all the good (or bad) qualities of your guitar. My vintage 62 strat sounds a bit thicker than my vintage 65 strat, due to the bigger neck on the 62 I suppose? Anyway, what I am trying to say is, you can hear the different subtleties of each guitar, unlike most amps. Play light for clean tones, and play hard to make the amp work and break a bit. This amp has a great deal more sustain than nost other amps I have had. I think that it may be the Fane speaker? The reverb: I set the reverb and leave it, don't use much reverb, just enough to kind of fill the tone out a bit.. The reverb can go very Dick Dale if you want it to also! I play blues and blues rock 2 - 4 nights a week, this amp is the best! Reliability/Durability: I have opened this thing up and it is pretty simple and very well built! I bring a Fender blues Jr with as a back up, have not had to ever use the back up amp though.. The Gig Rig is very reliable! Ease of Use: Customer Support: The guys at Kendrick are GREAT! Overall Rating: I have been playing for 22 years. I have had a tone of amps.. Matchless, fender BF amps, super reverbs, vibroverbs, etc.. Bogner, carr, and etc.. This Gig Rig is by FAR the best sounding amp I for the stuff I play.. Also, as I get older, I like to grab and carry and amp and a guitar. This gig rig weighs maybe 30-40 lbs.. I also have a Trainwreck / Kendrick Climax 2x10" amp that sounds great but, weighs about 90 lbs and has a bit to much power.. The Gig Rig is perfect! If someone ripped it off or I lost it, I would have to buy another one! 0 Comments Tags: brand#kendrick tax#aqa GigRig 112 Combo Review By: steviepz on 1/19/07 1:00 AM Reviewer Background: Purchased From: Price: Features: 0 Comments Tags: brand#kendrick tax#aqa

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